The most robust
headless content manager

Prerendered web content

Our self imposed limitation is our biggest strength. The sites makes not a single database request on a pageview; instead all the web content is prerendered so it can be served fast, even from a CDN.

Headless by design

The headless statik CMS allows you to manage your content in a single place and serve it from anywhere, from web to mobile apps, even offline! If you are already using a CMS, you can import your content with a single click!


Import from everywhere: from Wordpress to Figma. Compatible with every Javascript frontend framework and library. Deploy from the web interface or using git.

API first

Take advantage of the API and webhooks system to easily connect to your current tech stack


We made the numbers: check our benchmarks and watch it by yourself


We made the numbers: check our benchmarks and watch it by yourself
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Try the platform for free and pay only when you are ready to go live. Pay only for what you use, cancel at any time and take your site wherever you want. No vendor locks: sites can be exported as plain HTML+CSS+JS

Baked by:



$ 0/month
* domain
100 updates/month
50Mb of storage
No collaborators
No SSL encryption
1000 API calls/month
third party integrations


$ 29/month

Free during beta

Custom domain
(included for the first year)
Preview and Live environments
1,000 updates/day
1Gb of storage included
SSL encrypted sites
3 collaborators
24h support
10.000 API calls/day
third party integrations